Companies Who Need A Computer Cleaning Service

We don’t pick and choose our clients – they select us. We have found that just about every type of business can use our services. We clean computers for businesses from the entertainment industry to government; from transportation to manufacturing; from law firms to oil and gas; from the financial sector to real estate… no one industry stands out – they all need us.

Our clients are concerned about their professional image, not to mention the health and welfare of their employees as well as the maintenance of the most expensive assets in their offices – their computers and other sensitive electronic equipment such as their telephones, printers, photocopiers, scanners and point of sale equipment – and so much more…

Telephone supply and installation companies are simply too busy to clean phones and switchboard equipment themselves. They prefer to hire On-Site Computer Cleaning Services to go into their customers’ locations on their behalf and clean the telephones they have under annual maintenance contracts.

The same thing goes for organizations that supply and refurbish ‘Point of Sale’ Devices and Equipment. On-Site Computer Cleaning Services has a long term contract with Canada’s largest Merchant Services Company, in the area where they repair of “Point of Sale” equipment and devices. In the past, this National Client hired their own staff to clean the devices and cords they repair for their merchant clients. They discovered it is more cost effective to have our Professional Device Cleaning Technicians come in to their shop and do the device cleaning than to train someone in-house to do it. We showed them how two of On-Site’s Device Cleaning Technicians can clean more than five of their in-house staff – in the same time period.

The reason? It’s all in the methods we use. We’re able to clean the electronic equipment more quickly and cost effectively than they can themselves. We charge them on a per piece basis. Because we perform this service with such accuracy and speed, we make good revenue ourselves.

To find our how we can do this read on…

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