Companies Who Have Hired Us to Clean Their Computers

“If our location looks dirty maybe that’s what our customers will think about the kind of car they’ll receive.”

This is what the manager of a car dealership  said to us about why he felt they should have their equipment cleaned. He said:

“We were on an airplane and noticed how dirty one of the drop-down tables at our seats was. I remember thinking at the time ‘I wonder what else they may have missed. If they forgot to clean THIS area of the airplane, maybe they forgot to check the air pressure in the landing gear tires, who knows?’ When I got back to our office I took a call from a Sales Rep at On-Site Computer Cleaning Services. It was then I noticed the condition of OUR office equipment. I remembered our experience on the airplane. If we don’t look after this situation, what will OUR customers think of US? Maybe they’ll think we’ll forget something on their car. We want to show people we’re concerned about our service and what we sell. This goes full circle.”

“If any dealer you approach says they don’t need to have their electronic equipment cleaned have them call me!” says the owner of this family run Subaru dealership.

Once we sold our services to one car dealership, it was easier to get into many more. Car dealerships have some of the dirtiest locations we see, simply because there is so much going on. Service people don’t usually wash their hands after changing oil, etc. Everyone is so busy during their workday. Although people do attempt to keep their equipment clean by using protective shields, no one really likes to use them. Why bother? Our service makes it so easy for them to solve the problem.

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