The Growing Need For A Computer Cleaning Service

Sometimes it seems as though there is no end to the work. Some locations are so large there are literally floors and floors of equipment. Many large businesses want their computers cleaned. Often the work is done during the day, though we find that some of the larger firms require us to come in during the evenings and weekends. They are so busy they can’t have their computers turned off for even 10 minutes. That’s ok with us because it’s less trouble for both our staff and more importantly, our clients.

Generally though, we’re so fast that when we go in during the daytime we don’t bother the staff while they’re working. Most receptionists are happy to take a 15 or 20 minute coffee break so we can clean their workstation. Like we said, some of the larger firms do prefer us to work in the evenings but most of the time it’s our choice what hours of the day we want to work… It all depends on our clients’ needs.

The next time you look at a large office building, just imagine how many computers there are inside. It’s incredible! You’d think someone would already be cleaning them. When you ask most people who work for large companies they will probably tell you that no one is cleaning their equipment. Most of them have never really thought about it because they are used to their keyboards being so filthy. Or, they may think they have someone who cleans the keyboards and phones, but when we inspect their equipment, we can see that they are mistaken. No one is doing the computer cleaning.

Many people think their janitorial service cleans the equipment. The truth is that janitorial companies are really afraid to touch anything for fear they’ll destroy something… and they are right! The most we have ever seen them do it a light feather dusting. We have also seen them try to wipe down monitors with their dirty rags – yuck!

Some of the larger pieces of electronic equipment (such as printers, multifunction machines and photocopiers) are leased. Most times, leasing companies don’t ever see the equipment they’ve leased out. All they do is carry the financial paperwork. They presume someone else will maintain the equipment; otherwise the trade-in value won’t be worth as much. For example, if you lease a car, the leasing company does not come out and wash it – they assume you’ll do that. Some companies even sell maintenance contracts on the equipment they sell and lease. The service contracts include repairs if the equipment actually breaks down, but they don’t care if the equipment looks a little dirty. Technicians don’t usually clean it, but if they do, it’s such a poor job no one would notice the difference anyways.

A lot of companies, with household names you know, have had us clean their computers. Not just the little guys. Normally the decision to have the electronic equipment cleaned is made by the Office Manager or Administrator. We have found that it is usually not a head office decision, because the head offices have more important things to think about and they consider this a local decision.

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