A word from our Computer Cleaning Customers…

“Six people offered to purchase our old computers when they saw them after cleanup.” - Jackpot Junction, Calgary

“We had never had our equipment cleaned before. The cleaner was very nice. We want to have our equipment cleaned again.” – Guardian Interlock Systems, Calgary

“There was no interruption to our business by the cleaning staff. We would like to have our equipment cleaned again in six months.” – Sparta Water, Calgary

“The cleaner was neat in personal appearance and courteous. Our business activities were not interrupted. We want to have our equipment cleaned again.” – Family Dentistry, Calgary

“Our equipment was cleaner than we had expected when the cleaner was finished.” – Keystone Business Forms, Calgary

“We would like to have our equipment cleaned again in a year.” – Calgary Community Against Sexual Abuse, Calgary

“The cleaning took longer than we expected, but our photocopier was really dirty. We want the equipment cleaned again in six months to a year.” – BarterPlus Systems Inc., Calgary

“Many thanks. We want our equipment cleaned again.” – Calgary Winter Festival, Calgary

“Derek was a very nice man and a hard worker. There were no interruptions to our business. The cleaning took about as long as we expected. We had never had our equipment cleaned before.” – New York Fries, Chinook, Calgary

This message was left on our Voice Mail the day after we cleaned the computers at the Prairie Regional Office of The Bank of Nova Scotia, in downtown Calgary:

April 10th, 2001 @ 10:37am

“Hi. It’s Carol English calling from the Bank of Nova Scotia.

I’m just calling to thank you very much for the work that was done here yesterday, it was excellent. Your staff is to be commended. They went through the office with minimal disruption. It was really great. And I thank you again.

I did receive the invoice – it was left here for me and so we will get a cheque off to you and thank you again.

If you needing a recommendation for any future business for other parties, feel free to give my name – I’d be happy to relay the good work that you’ve done.”

“Great Job Onsite! It’s organizations like yours that make my job a pleasure!” -

Golder Associates, Karen Voelkel
Facilities Manager – Corporate Services

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