Why Clean Computers?

Dirty equipment isn’t just an eyesore, it’s unhealthy. After a while germs build up; people get sick. If it happens often enough, pretty soon half the staff is missing.

A local insurance company called us in distress. They had an outbreak of the Flu. Out of 11 staff members, only 2 were at work. The staff had been sick on and off for weeks but they weren’t getting better. It had become a crisis…

So they called us to come in to clean and disinfect all their computer equipment. We even disinfected their doorknobs, light switches, file cabinet handles – pretty much everything the staff touched on a daily basis. They didn’t want their employees to re-infect themselves when they came back to work. Did you know that the Norwalk Virus can stay on a hard surface (like a keyboard or telephone) for 10 to 12 days? They needed their equipment professionally cleaned and disinfected.

The Calgary International Airport saw the need for our service. In fact, it was their IT Department who wanted us in. Why? They realized that it was too costly for their highly trained, highly paid technicians to be cleaning equipment. Besides, they couldn’t figure out a way to do it with any sort of efficiency. They realized substantial savings to have us come to clean and disinfect all the airport-owned computers, telephones and all the peripherals – in the offices as well as the check-in gates. It was easy for them to convince their administration to hire us because we not only clean the equipment, we disinfect it – so they knew there would be substantial savings against the Cost of Absenteeism (Link to Cost of Absenteeism page – that opens in a new page)

We clean the computers at the airport for three different departments twice a year. The job takes several of our Computer Cleaning Technicians almost a month to complete the work… twice a year… Now some of the major airlines have hired us. Good news travels fast!

As it turns out, they had been trying to solve this problem for some time before we came along. There’s good revenue in this business because so many people really need the service.

Doing a good job of cleaning computers is harder than most people realize. Once they see what we can do, they don’t want to bother with attempting to clean their own equipment. It’s kind of like steam cleaning carpets. Who really wants to rent the heavy equipment, drag it home and then drag it around the house? Why not get a professional to do it?

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