On-Site Computer Cleaning Business Opportunity

Earn Money in a brand new trade – Cleaning Computers!!

New business, almost non-existent, promises a new career: for both men and women.

Professional Computer and Electronic Equipment Cleaning that almost anyone can do with the right training. Earn $500+ for a day’s work – Cleaning and Disinfecting Computers and Other Sensitive Electronic Office Equipment

This is an emerging industry, whose potential is virtually untapped: Computer Cleaning for banks, auto dealers, offices, retail stores, factories, schools, hospitals, medical facilities and this is just scratching the surface… the list goes on.

We’re talking about cleaning computers, monitors, keyboards, fax machines, telephones, cell phones, photocopiers, printers, adding machines, multifunction machines, cash registers, bank machines, credit card swipe machines, diagnostic equipment, postage meters, and so much more.

There is a great demand for this little known business. Few people in the marketplace offer such a service. Check out your local telephone directory, Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce.

Most janitorial firms would rather clean a bomb than a computer – one even told us so…

Not surprisingly, banks and other large corporations don’t want just anyone cleaning their equipment. Why? The risk of damaging the equipment is high and downtime costs are monumental. Generally, janitorial people have no expertise in working with electronic equipment. It requires someone skilled in this area. A while ago, we went to the yellow pages on the Internet and found there were…

…2711 janitorial services in the state of New Jersey alone. We called over 600 of them and couldn’t find one who cleaned computers and electronic equipment.

Here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada this service has been performed for companies since the 1990’s. Amazingly, there are very few companies who offer this service.

It’s no small change for cleaning equipment either. We at On-Site Professional Computer and Electronic Equipment Cleaning Services charge around $50.00 [+/-] for one workstation – give or take – depending on what specific equipment is at each station. It adds up, considering the average business will have at least 20 computer systems or more. We charge by the piece for keyboards, monitors, CPU cases, mice, telephones and printers. This is usually the type of equipment you’ll find at each workstation. For example, cleaning a bank could generate anywhere from $600.00 to $2000.00 in revenue. PICTURE OF cleaning keyboard 1…

We have an offer for you. We’re going to sell you our secret. We’ve actually decided to provide this opportunity to you to help you do what we’re doing – for a small price. You can start your own business at home. There is virtually no overhead because you do the cleaning on-site – at the clients’ locations.

We need some good people to get started.

Men, Women… this is a simple business almost anyone can do. Small start-up costs: no office to maintain, no inventory to purchase, no high cost equipment to finance. We want to help you get started.

Find out how YOU can start your own extension of this lucrative, simple business.

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