Earn Money in a New Trade

Earn money in a new trade:

New Industry Promises New Careers For Many:

Professional Computer and Electronic
Equipment Cleaning…
…almost anyone can do – with the right training.

Earn $500 for a day’s work…
Cleaning & Disinfecting Computers and Other Sensitive Electronic Equipment

My name is Gail Crowther and I own a specialty cleaning company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We clean computers and other sensitive electronic office and diagnostic equipment…

…for banks, auto dealers, business offices, retail stores, factories, schools, trucking companies, lawyers, oil and gas businesses, hospitals, medical facilities, manufacturing companies and the list goes on.

I am talking about cleaning computers, monitors, keyboards, fax machines, telephones, copiers, printers, adding machines, cash registers, scanners, electronic scales, bank machines, credit card swipe machines, diagnostic equipment, postage meters – pretty much any sensitive electronic equipment you can think of.

There is a great demand for this little known business. The best part is that few people in the marketplace offer such a service.

I would like to share some secrets with you. Feel free to browse through my website. I took a lot of time to put all this information together for you – and maybe you might consider joining me and start a Computer Cleaning Business in your own area.

Thank you for your time.

Yours truly,
Gail Crowther, Operations Manager
On-Site Professional Business Services Inc.

Companies Who Need a Computer Cleaning Service

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