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So $2,995.00 might seem like a lot of money just to learn our system but it is important you know what you are doing!

Your investment of $2,995.00* includes:

  1. A Complete Contractor’s kit (retail value of $199.00): This is a Specialty Tool Kit we have comprised. It includes enough initial cleaning products and supplies (Many of which you couldn’t buy anywhere else) to earn approximately $4,000.00 to $6,000.00 worth of income, depending on the extent of the dirt and based on the prices we have been charging. We will also include all the tools you’ll need to carry with you so you can start working in your new business immediately. You will be able to go out and book cleaning jobs and be all set to get started right away;
  2. Practical Hands-on Training (with a complete Technical Manual that you can refer to later on): You will actually be cleaning equipment yourself, so we want to be confident you understand the process explicitly. We will spend a full day demonstrating, explaining and showing you how to professionally clean computers, fax machines, phones, copiers, printers, adding machines, cash registers, computer mice and more. We will go over all the methods and techniques until you are confident in your own ability;
  3. Comprehensive Business Organizational Plan: specific, to this business, all written, in the form of a manual which you can adapt to your new business: We will give you everything we know. We will show you how we made it: margins, prices and why we are able to charge what we charge – all the little things that will make your business easier. We have the formula for a successful operation. We will spend some valuable time going through all the ins and outs of owning your own business. What sort of margins can you expect? How do you make the decision to incorporate? What kind of insurance do you need? How do you set up your office? What sorts of costs are involved? Who do you ask about registering your business name? Who will help you set up your books? How do you find out about tax laws? How much should you pay your hired help (Cleaning Technicians, Sales People and Administrators) We will go through all the things you need to look after, with regards to getting started;
  4. Marketing Workshop (with Manual and proven ad samples): We’ll spend some time going over how we quote on jobs as well as job costing. What’s the first thing that you should do in your new business to generate revenue? How should you advertise your new business? What prices do you charge? What kind of schedule should you keep? What ads didn’t work for us (so you don’t make the same mistakes we did). Learn all the reasons why people will purchase this service – what the major selling points are and where your mindset should be;
  5. Prospecting Workshop (with Manual): We’ll spend an afternoon explaining to you how we get appointments with large and small companies. so you won’t be stuttering and stammering, wondering what to say next. You’ll find out how you can book as many as three qualified leads in an hour on the telephone. Most jobs you will quote on will be anywhere from $300-$3,000 so you won’t be wasting your time. At the very least you will learn what to say to prospective clients, whether it be by phone or in person;
  6. Sales and Closing Techniques: We will show you how to give your business a jump start AND prospect for additional business in the most effective manner, without expensive advertising costs; we’ll go over just how to close the sale. (Not being able to do this is sometimes the primary reason why some people fail when they start their own business.) Your workbook will be a valuable reference to turn to after you have started. (We worked with a fellow who bought into a franchise for $70,000.00. He told us he got more training on marketing and selling through our system, than he received from that franchise company. Interesting… isn’t it?);
  7. Technical Data: Included in your Technical Manual are the MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets – pertaining to the products you will be using, so you and your customers will know exactly what you are dealing with. Our products are “green” and eco friendly – a very important point when you are selling your service to environmentally responsible prospects;
  8. A Connection to the Network: We must be sure everyone who is affiliated with our network is competent at cleaning equipment. This will be our way of keeping quality control. Only those who participate in our program and learn the system first hand will be included in the network;
  9. Certification of Competency: This Level II Certificate is proof to your customers that you have been professionally trained and know what you’re doing!
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