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“If our location looks dirty maybe that’s what our customers will think about the kind of car they’ll receive.”

This is what the manager of a car dealership said to us about why he felt they should have their equipment cleaned:

“We were on an airplane and we noticed how dirty one area of the plane was. I remember thinking at the time ‘I wonder what else they may have missed. If they forgot to clean THIS area of the airplane, where the passengers can see it, maybe they forgot to check the air pressure in the landing gear tires, who knows?’

When I got back to our office I took a call from a Sales Rep at On-Site. It was then I noticed the condition of OUR office equipment. I was reminded of our experience on the airplane. If we don’t look after this situation, what will OUR customers think of US? Maybe they’ll think we’ll forget something on their car. We want to show people we’re concerned about our service and what we sell. This goes full circle.”

Look at the electronic equipment over the counter at your local bank or grocery store. See how dirty it is? This is because money is so dirty and the equipment picks up all that dirt. How does that make you feel about doing business with that establishment?

Now look around your own establishment… Does your equipment look like it is brand new or does it look sullied? How does the condition of your sensitive electronic equipment affect the image you are portraying to your clients, customers and staff? Has your electronic equipment ever been cleaned and sanitized?

What we’re talking about is cleaning the telephones, calculators, and computer systems. Amazingly many businesses have yet to address the problem!

There are still many businesses out there that have become accustomed to working with dirty equipment. In most work environments staff and management hardly notice how dirty this equipment is… but customers are noticing.

One client said “I was getting new tires and I had to use the phone in the tire shop. It was so dirty that I did not even want to pick it up, let alone put the receiver up to my ear”.

What do YOUR clients say about your location?

Dirty equipment can make your business look worn and old. Customers and business professionals are noticing even if it’s mucky under the surface. This even affects staff morale. A tattered, old-looking environment has an affect on clients as well as staff.

If people accepted this same level of cleanliness in buildings then carpets would look muddy; windows would be smeared with gunk; walls would be grimy with fingerprints.

We have products that will clean and sanitize all sensitive electronic equipment. This includes keyboards, monitors, CPU’s, copy machines, fax machines, phones, money counters, calculators, cash registers, ATM’s, diagnostic equipment, and cellular phones. Most people are truly afraid to clean these machines, and with good reason. They’re afraid they’ll short-circuit the equipment, if they try to clean it. And they are right!

Maintenance contracts are in place to insure equipment continues to function – NOT that it is clean. You may think that the company you have your service agreement with would look after this sort of thing… but if you think about it, the company you lease your car from doesn’t wash it for you.

Computer Technicians, Photocopier Technicians and IT Professionals are not cleaning your equipment; they just do not have the time or the inclination to clean your equipment.

Janitorial services would rather clean a bomb than a computer or data terminal.

It’s just too risky for them because they are not trained to perform this service.

Who does?

We do. Our fully trained Computer Cleaning Technicians have taken on the task using our specialized tools and cleaning products. We also have trained people across Alberta, in various parts of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries.

Have a look at your equipment. If YOU can see that it’s dirty, so can your clients and customers! Your equipment can be quickly restored We not only quickly restore your equipment to showroom condition, we also disinfect the “human touch” areas, which will free these surfaces from bacteria and viruses

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We’ll clean your dirtiest keyboard for FREE!

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