Cleaning Insides of CPU Cases

Most Computer Service Technicians highly recommend having the inside of CPU cases cleaned.To meet the needs of our clients, On-Site has developed a system, with the help of on-staff Computer Technicians, to clean the inside of these cases without damaging the equipment.

As a natural course of events, the inside of CPU cases can become traps for dust and dirt, drawn in because of the drawing of the air from the fan on the CPU (on the motherboard of the computer). If this CPU fan gets too dirty and starts to seize and then the motherboard heats up… and that can lead to expensive repairs, and/or loss of data.

By keeping this fan dust free, it helps your computer run cool. There is also a similar fan in the power supply, the one you can see from the back of the CPU box, and possibly a case fan – simply an extra fan to help keep the case cooler. We also blow it out as well.

1. Our Cleaning Technicians actually blow the dust particles out of the case, from the slots and other cracks and tiny areas in the motherboard and other parts of the inside of the CPU case.
a) They always keep clear of actually touching any surface inside the CPU case.

2. We use pure nitrogen rather than the cans of air for a few reasons:
a) There is no powder residue as with canned air – this can cause failure of parts.
b) There is a steady, regulated flow of air – unlike some cans of air that lose their pressure even if they are not empty.
c) You can control the amount of pressure

Safety Precautions:

3. Cleaning Technicians will wear a mask over their mouths and noses, so they are not breathing in the bacteria and dust created in the process.

4. Cleaning Technicians will wear their own or Safety glasses to protect their eyes from blowing debris.

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