About On-Site!

Company Vision:

“On-Site sets the highest standard in the Computer Cleaning Industry in Client Care, working as a team with respect and cooperation and providing the best quality of service to our Clients.”

Corporate Mission Statement:
On-Site Professional Computer and Electronic Equipment Cleaning Services exists to provide a professional sensitive office equipment cleaning service in a manner that is efficient, quick, safe, trouble free and beyond reproach for both our Clients and Staff.

This Service should enhance the professional environment of our clients as well as remove bacteria, which will in turn create a healthier environment for their staff and clients.

We are all on the same Team. All Company personnel, sub-contractors and others affiliated with the company work toward a mutually beneficial environment, for which we will all be rewarded, based on our contributions.”

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with information about the professional cleaning and sanitizing of your sensitive electronic equipment.

We appreciate the opportunity! In order for you to make a decision about having your computers and telephones cleaned and sanitized, you might like to know something about us.

We are the largest computer cleaning company in Calgary – and probably all of Alberta – with clients from Lethbridge to Edmonton… and we are the front runners in meeting the changing needs of our clients.

Because of this, our mandate is to remain on top of this emerging industry. We are in the position to address our clients’ need. We would like to discuss with you the amount of equipment you have and the frequency with which we would clean and sanitize all the sensitive electronic equipment in your office.

I have personally been involved with the Computer and Electronic Equipment Cleaning industry since 1996.

We Have a System
In our efforts to find products to do the job we wanted, we found there was nothing acceptable in the market.

In February 2002, we were fortunate to be featured nationally on CBC’s television show Venture (It airs on Sunday nights). More…

Past Performance
You will also find on our website several letters of reference and accolades. (We never get tired of getting these!) More…

You will find lots of pertinent information about our service on this website and some articles of interest regarding our emerging industry. I hope you find it of value – whether or not you choose On-Site as your provider for this important service.

We look forward to earning your business and working with you.

Thank you for your consideration

Best regards, Gail Crowther, Operations Manager
On-Site Computer Cleaning Services
Toll Free: 1-888-522-5330
Local to Calgary: 403-946-0208

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